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This promotional video for Enid is kind of depressing

Last year, the Oklahoma City Chamber produced this silly promotional video called "Where We've Been (Where We're Goin')." I think it was supposed to show people (and potential new businesses) about all the progress our town has made. We were kind of critical:

I would bet some serious money that the everyone involved in the production of that commercial lives in Edmond. The only thing whiter than that thing is the lower level of a Thunder game. They even made the black kids look stale and boring and white.

Seriously, who approved this video? Captain Boredom? Also, isn’t it time that Oklahoma City begins to act like we’ve been there before? “Yay!!! We got a Whole Foods!!!” Now just move on, park your Lexus, and go buy some overpriced organic foods with other boring white people.

Speaking of boring white people, what’s up with the song? It sounds like something you’d hear at the end of service at Crossings church only a lot worse. The singers look like they just had dinner at Applebee’s. I’ve heard better vocals at Nancy’s Lighthouse on a Wednesday night.

Well, it looks like we owe an apology to our friends at the Oklahoma City Chamber. After watching this promotional video produced by the Enid Regional Development Alliance, I guess the OKC Chamber video really isn't that bad.

Check out the ad. It's called "Enid, We Got It!":

Here's a quick little note to the people who made this thing. The next time you shoot a promo video, do it in the spring. That way your golf course will not look so drab and ugly.

For fun, I decided to channel my inner Jeff Foxworthy and make some observations about the video. Here they are:

• If your city openly promotes places like Staples, Starbucks and a Ross "Dress for Less," you may be from Enid.

• If being schooled by Michael Jordan is the career highlight of the only celebrity featured in your city's promo video, you may be from Enid.

• If your city openly encourages people to visit a different city located nearly 100 miles away for quality entertainment, you may be from Enid.

• If the only African-Americans featured in your city's 110-second promo video are two elementary school students and a zumba dancer, you may be from Enid.

• If "playtime" in your city constitutes recklessly riding a four-wheeler without a helmet, you may be from Enid.

• If the voice of the cute bubbly girl in your town's promo video makes you contemplate moving and/or killing a cat, you may be from Enid.

Okay, those were all kind of lame. Sorry about that.

Anyway, if you are an Enid resident and about to leave a nasty comment or fire-off a mean email, please don't. I'm just giving your city a hard time. For what it's worth, Enid is probably one of the top five cities in Oklahoma. Yeah, that's kind of like being one of the top five alpine skiers in Oklahoma, but it's better than nothing.

In fact —  and just like Linda Cavanaugh — I kind of like Enid. The town has a quiet little charm to it. At my old job, I'd have to visit Enid a couple of times a year. It really boosted my ego because everyone in town thought I was a big city hot-shot. Plus, there was a semi-cute girl who worked in the lab at the hospital I'd have to visit and she'd always give me the eye. Now don't get me wrong. I'd never want to live there or anything and I enjoyed leaving and going home, but still, the town was charming.

And if you're still mad and still want to send me a mean email, just calm down and laugh about it. Or at least send me a pic of yourself posing in front of an Applebee's (or Ross "Dress for Less"). That's what the singers from the Oklahoma City Chamber video did:

oklahoma city chamber commerical singers

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