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Some kids tried to run over a coyote and crashed their truck

Like all other regular people, I did a lot of dumb things when I was a teenager. In addition to maintaining embarrassing MySpace and LiveJournal accounts, I once followed a guy through that drainage tunnel because he looked cute in a spelunking helmet. Another time, I threw a party when my parents were out-of-town and made trashcan punch out of sparkling grape juice. There was also a three-month period when I integrated myself into the entourage of a teenager garage rock revival band, whose members all bore an uncanny resemblance to Blake Anderson.

Oh well, I guess all that isn't too bad. At least I didn't flip a truck while trying to run over a coyote.

From News on 6:

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says two teenagers are in a Tulsa hospital after trying to run over a coyote in a field in rural Rogers County Sunday night.

Troopers say Paden Begley, 17, of Oologah was driving on Old Highway 88 when he saw a coyote in a sod farm field.

The OHP report says Begley drove his 1989 Dodge pickup truck into the field in an attempt to hit the coyote. When the coyote "took evasive action," troopers say, Begley turned the pickup sharply causing it to roll one time.

The report states a passenger in the pickup, 17-year-old Taylor Shelton of Claremore, crawled back to the road and was able to flag down a driver who reported the crash to the OHP.

Both teens were taken to the hospital with head, leg and internal injuries. Neither teen was wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash.

No word in the OHP report on what happened to the coyote.

Wow. I always thought cow tipping was the strangest and most abusive redneck pastime I had ever heard of. But unsuccessfully plowing over a coyote in a pick-up truck??? Yeah, I think we can all agree that just reaches all kind of new lows. Hopefully they didn't swallow any of their chew  or tear the Confederate flag decals off their Dodge.

On that note, were they driving a Dodge or a mail order kit truck they purchased from Acme? And I thought everyone knew the best way to take out a coyote is to either trick it into running off a cliff, catapult an anvil at it, or by painting a very convincing picture of a tunnel on the side of a boulder.

Sorry, Patrick wanted me to force in some Wile E. Coyote references. I guess I don't blame him. It's hard to even comment on this because it was such a comical and idiotic teenage male thing to do. This ranks right up there with handling TNT explosives or shooting wabbits while intoxicated, jumping off moving speedboats, or buying a spelunking helmet in order to pick up girls.

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