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Do you approve of Mary Fallin and these 10 other people and things?

Even though she turned down federal healthcare funding for poor people, blatantly violated open records laws (for now), and wore open toe shoes with pantyhose, Mary Fallin is still very popular in Oklahoma. We know this because SoonerPoll recently released her 2013 favorability rating:

Oklahomans seem to love their governors, whether male or female, Republican, or Democrat. At least the last few anyway. The latest SoonerPoll results show Governor Mary Fallin, the state’s first female governor, with a 65.0% combined favorability rating. Of the near two-thirds with a favorable opinion, 29.6% responded with ‘very favorable’ toward the Governor and 35.4% with ‘somewhat favorable.’ Those with an unfavorable opinion were 24.4%, and 10.7% did not have an opinion. The same love was also shown for Governor Brad Henry during his tenure with approval ranging from 62% to as high as 83% during the five years SoonerPoll tracked his approval rating, even when his views or decisions were contrary to those of the Oklahoma public. During 2011, Fallin’s first year as governor, SoonerPoll measured the Governor’s approval rating which hit a high of 69.3%, but was never below 58%. Republicans overwhelmingly favored the Governor with an 85.2% in combined favorability. Of those, near half (48.2%) responded ‘very favorable.’ Results also show nearly half of all Democrats, 48.5%, had a favorable opinion of Fallin, with 39.3% unfavorable. Fallin’s favorability among Democrats, however, is softer with 13.3% saying they viewed her ‘very favorable’ and 35.3% saying ‘somewhat favorable.’

Yeah, that's not surprising. Unless your name is David Walters, the only person more popular than the governor in Oklahoma is the back-up quarterback at OU. Anyway, Mary Fallin might have a high approval rating according to scientific, probably unbiased, political polling, but what do our readers and Moles think about her? Well, let's ask. Here's our first ever Mary Fallin Approval Rating Poll. Vote! [poll id="521"] While we're on the topic of approval ratings, I thought it may be fun to see what everyone thinks of other Oklahoma icons. So I came up with 10 other approval ratings for Oklahoma people, places and things. Please vote only once to keep these as scientific as possible. The first two are below. The rest are after the jump: 1. Wayne Coyne [poll id="522"] - 2. The Sky Dance Bridge [poll id="523"] - 3. Aubrey McClendon [poll id="524"] - 4. Ranch Dressing [poll id="525"] - 5. Hobby Lobby [poll id="526"] - 6. Sweet Brown [poll id="527"]   - 7. Lucy Sparkles [poll id="528"] - 8. Scott Brooks [poll id="529"] - 9. Edmond [poll id="530"] - 10. The Video Vigilante's Restaurant Reviews [poll id="531"] - Anyway, thanks for voting. Also, yes, this is kind of a rip-off of the media approval rankings we did several years ago, but it's still fun.

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