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Watch this lady faint during Tuesday’s Oklahoma City Council meeting (video)

This past Tuesday, the Oklahoma City Council held one of its most highly anticipated, controversial, and lengthy meetings in some time. Towards the end of the nearly three-hour session, a couple of citizens came to the podium to voice a complaint.

And then this happened:

Admit it. You laughed a little bit. Hopefully, though, you chuckled at Mayor Mick's reaction and not the lady who passed out. That's because some lady talking gibberish about receipts being computered in the computer, impersonating the kid from Billy Madison, and then fainting to the ground is not funny at all.

Okay, maybe it's kind of funny, but only if you're an immature asshole who watches Tosh.0 or reads stupid blogs. Hopefully the lady's okay.

Also, can we get the person who runs OKCOMG to make a GIF of Mayor Cornett's "Holy Shit What Happened" Oh-face? The last time he made that expression was when he was knocked out of the Cornett Family Holiday Poker Tournament.

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