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KFOR wants to know if you think more teens with STDs is a bad thing…

Back in December, we let you know about KFOR Channel 4's bizarre Facebook post asking if it's okay to rape a child. We determined the question was part of a bigger social media problem at the NBC affiliate.

Well, it looks like the folks at Channel 4 have learned their lesson. Now they are asking less controversial questions on social media, like whether or not more teens with STDs is a bad thing.

Face palm. Here's a screenshot sent to us by an Ogle Mole:

First of all, it's good to know that KFOR has finally given full control of their social media accounts to celebrity runaway kangaroo Lucy Sparkles and Dino Lalli's mustache. They'll do great in their new role. Also, is #STD a common hashtag?

Anyway, for some reason — I have no clue why — KFOR deleted the Tweet and Facebook posts regarding the positive or negative aspects of sexually transmitted diseases in high school culture. Because of that, we have no way to know what KFOR viewers think about the issue.

Actually, that's not true. Wordpress has a nice polling plug-in, so we'll re-post the question on KFOR's behalf. What so you think, Moles. Is it good or bad to have more teens with STDS?

Also, for giggles, let's ask one other question:

Anyway, check back often for results. Now go out there and get some #STDs!

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