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1997: The year Marilyn Manson hysteria hit Oklahoma City

9:00 AM EST on January 3, 2013

Yesterday, I got a little bored and decided to browse YouTube for some Oklahoma-centric videos. Surprisingly, I found some that were moderately interesting and worth posting and had nothing to do with selling used cars. I figured it would be fun to post some of them over the next few days. And yes, that's because I'm still recovering from the holidays and have no clue what day it is.

Anyway, this video is from an old MTV News report by Kurt Loder that chronicles a 1997 Marilyn Manson concert in Oklahoma City. In the early winter of that year, his shitty cartoonish death metal band came to town, and our local citizens, civic leaders and media freaked the hell out:

Thoughts / Comments / Questions

• I was 18 and remember all the controversy this concert created. I was embarrassed by it then, and I'm still slightly embarrassed by it now. Here's a clip of the local media's reaction and coverage:

• I think it's sad that Kurt Loder had to visit Oklahoma City in 1997. We're a little bit better now, Kurt. Yeah, a bunch of the people are still batshit crazy and conservative, but now we have an NBA team and a canal. Yeehaw!

• Was anyone at this show? If so, why?!? I can't think of anything worse than having to listen to Marilyn Manson. I've always felt that way, even back in the late-1990s when my favorite bands were Tool, Deftones and, ugh, Korn.

• Are there any Christian Coffee Houses still open around town?

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