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The Video Vigilante thinks we are exploitative hypocrites…

11:06 AM EST on December 12, 2012

Back in November, we let you know that Brian "Mastur" Bates, the Video Vigilante, is a prolific Urban Spoon restaurant reviewer. We learned about this when an upset lady sent us a poorly written email complaining about a mean (and possibly accurate) review Bates left about her new restaurant Blu's BBQ.

Apparently someone posted our article to the local message board OKC Talk. It received a few boring replies from their community members, but got interesting when the Video Vigilante chimed in to give his thoughts on the matter. Let's just say I don't think we're going to get a Christmas card from him this year, which is fine, because I think Christmas cards are a waste of time unless they contain gift cards or money.

Here's what the Vigilante wrote:

This is just par-for-the-course for The Lost Ogle. Their hypocrisy is laughable. Their criticisms of me are pretty funny considering THEY only exist to exploit, highlight, profit off of (anonymously no less) making fun of others. There is no 'other' side of TLO - the only awareness they spread is their own ignorance. But, I do get a pump in traffic when they go on their rants, so, whatever.

I actually don't have an issue with TLO. You're not going to find a bigger supporter of free speech than me. I just wish they'd put more effort into some of their articles. For the most part they're pretty weak on content and big on just an overgrown bully, college type humor.

Yeah, our "hypocrisy is laughable." Of course, it's not as laughable as criticizing a blog for being "an overgrown bully" that simply profits off "making fun of others," even though you once sent that blog an email with the hope that they'd bully someone and make fun of others. Check out this email the Video Vigilante sent to us in March of 2010:

Here's the attachment:

Wow, thank Gary England the Video Vigilante doesn't write for us. If that were the case, then our content would be really weak and exploitative! He'd spend the entire day poking fun at local celebrities for getting their Twitter accounts hacked. That's only funny when it happens to the Governor.

Take Alex Cameron, for example. His twitter account got hacked and he sent the Video Vigilante a DM saying he was a horny 24-year-old girl. Yeah, that's funny, but not as funny as wearing an HBO shirt and dramatically gazing into the distance while posed in front of the Golden Gate Bridge:

See, that's much more entertaining.

Anyway, it's quite obvious that The Video Vigilante, despite the weak content, at one time enjoyed reading The Lost Ogle. He probably liked our site for the "bullying" and "making fun of others" and who knows what else. Otherwise, he wouldn't have tried to be a Mole and send us information to write about. I guess he's just a thinned-skin guy who takes what he does too seriously. That's kind of surprising. You would think that a guy who looks like Droopy and walks the streets crusading against prostitution while profiting from it would be able to laugh at himself from time to time.

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