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Introducing the first – and possibly last – TLO Crossword Puzzle

9:00 AM EST on December 10, 2012

I'm not a big crossword puzzle guy. I think they're an okay way to kill time, but I rarely play them. Occasionally while I'm waiting for my Western Omelet at Jimmy's Egg, I'll take a look at New York Times puzzle that's reprinted in the Gazette. When I do, I usually just skim through the clues for the obvious answers. I don't know if that makes me a "fair weather" crossword puzzler or if it just means I'm normal, but I thought it would be a fun little segue to 116 Across:

Yes, that's right. Enid, an Oklahoma city (and the home of emptiness, a schoolyard ninja and a really angry bar owner) made the New York Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle. That's the biggest thing to happen to Enid since, uhm, I guess the wheat harvest or something. I don't know. Enid is to me like Tulsa was to Chandler in that Friends episode. It seems like a scary lonely place.

Anyway, to celebrate Enid's accomplishment, I decided to make our own crossword puzzle. I can't guarantee it's good or fun, but I can guarantee it will kill time on your Monday morning. The puzzle's theme are the people, places and topics you may occasionally read about on our little website. If you like it, good. If you don't, I hope your employer transfers you to Enid.

Here it is:


1. Sweet Brown Drink
3. Stomach Stapler / Scooter Rider
4. Chronic User of Hair Gel
7. Wealthy Suburb
10. "Insurance Commissioner Award"
15. Traffic
18. Fishing for compliments
21. Parasite Factory
22. Coyne
23. Neeson look-a-like
25. Boring City
26. Enjoys tickling
29. Switzer and Elvis
30. John Paul Merritt
31. Cool MOFO
34. Tall Paul, Credit Jewelry Guy, Annoying Sports Fans
35. "Faith, Family, _______"
37. 3434
38. Berry's Boomers


2. Gary's new apprentice
3. Wrong Order
5. Almost Famous Band
6. 1889
8. Dangerous Suburb
9. Chopper Pilot
11. Oklahoma town everyone should visit
12. Tulsa Cyclist
13. "Stormy."
14. God
16. Mike Morgan's Red Bedazzled Severe Weather _____.
17. Hillbilly Crooner
19. Old Downtown Arena
20. Trivia Location
24. Irrelevant
27. Regular Jim Traber
28. Hot Watermelon Eater
32. Informant
33. Third Ogle
34. Low stock
36. Pure, Clean, Abundant


Yeah, I really made that one in the morning. So expect many typos. Maybe they'll make it more challenging. The first person to email to us a correctly completed puzzle will win a high-five, three TLO trivia ink pens and a date with Chelsea.

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