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Chase Thomason is engaged to Mother Nature’s Furry…

In case you missed it, KFOR meteorologist Chase Thomason proposed to his girlfriend/coworker Ashton Edwards (a.k.a. Mother Nature's Furry) live on the air Friday night during Channel 4's 6pm news broadcast. It is believed to be first on-air marriage proposal in Oklahoma City TV news history. That is, if you exclude that drunken exchanges between Dean Blevins and Cherokee Ballard on Channel 5 in the early 1990s.

Anyway, get out the tissues or the trash can to catch your vomit. Here's the video:

Spencer and I will have more on this tomorrow, but here are some quick thoughts:

• To the right of the video on the KFOR website is a poll asking "When do you plan on purchasing a new television?" Don't you think some better poll questions would be "How long do you think they'll stay married?" or "Did he knock her up?"

• What was going on with that ring? Was that the real one or something he stole from Aldo in 2008. By the way, I have no clue what any of that means. It was sent to me by an Ogle Groupie. The only thing I know about jewelry is that it costs too much.

• How much did they pay MidFirst Bank and Devon for the rights to use the music from their television commercials? I expected Chase to write out the proposal in sand art or just leave the studio and go fly fishing or put frosting on a cake.

• The couple does seem to have a good sense of humor. This slide made me laugh:

If Ashton Edwards were to ever write a romantic comedy, I think it would be called "Must Love Hair."

• Linda Cavanaugh encouraged KFOR viewers to leave their congratulations on the KFOR website. Here were some of the best ones:

After reading that post, I think Angelina thinks one of her own daughters is getting married. Also, do you get the vibe that Angela and her family have Frugal Friday watch parties?


It wouldn't be a KFOR comment thread without random ALL CAPS guy making a cameo and comparing some dudes fiance to horse and meaning it as a compliment.

If your wife will get mad at you for not proposing to her during a Frugal Friday segment on TV, you should probably just give up and buy a new dishwasher. Oops, I meant wife.

Thanks Debbie Downer. You're just jealous because guys only call you "Ma'am."


I will say that Ashton's dad, the late Brad Edwards, was a complete and total bad ass who is still missed, but that message is creepy. There should be a rule that no one is ever allowed to begin a Facebook message with "My Mom used to baby-sit you when you were a baby to about 3yrs old."


Anyway, congrats to Ashton and Chase. Hopefully they get a lot of nice wedding gifts and stuff. Good luck.

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