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Mary Fallin may need to get some fashion advice from her daughter…

1:23 PM EST on December 6, 2012

Say what you want about Christina Fallin and her divorces and all that good stuff, but she does seem to have a decent taste in style and fashion for an Oklahoman. Or at least that's what I've been told by some Ogle Groupies. The only thing I really know about women's fashion is that lingerie models have wings.

Anyway, maybe it's time for Christina to set down with her Mom and have a little heart-to-heart fashion talk. Check out this photo a Mole alerted us to of Mary Fallin leaving a meeting with President Obama at the National Governors Association conference. Pay particularly close attention to her feet:

Yikes, who knew Gov. Fallen had such an avant-garde fashion sensibility when it came to women's hosiery! That's like the male equivalent of wearing a brown belt with black shoes, only worse, because you're a damn woman and are supposed to know these things! At least a dude can untuck his shirt to cover up the fashion faux pas. The only thing Mary could do is squint like she just walked out of a movie theater.

Anyway, since Mary Fallin is a highly visible representative of the state of Oklahoma, I think we should all pitch in to hire her a fashion consultant. If anything, maybe we could get Mathis Brothers to sell a Christmas ornament for the cause. I'd buy one for sure.

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