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Here’s a drawing of Emily Sutton to brighten or terrify your morning

8:00 AM EST on November 29, 2012

Usually I spend my Wednesday nights writing stuff for you all to read, but I went to the Thunder game and booed James Harden instead. Then when I got home and opened up my PC I heard an explosion. Fun night.

Anyway, because of the game, several $7 Chesapeake Arena beers and a wasted 30 minutes listening to a boring iPhone police scanner app, I'm going to pull a John Rohde and mail in this post. It's still pretty decent, though. It's a drawing of Emily Sutton that some dude posted on Twitter:

On a creepy scale, I'd rank that about a six. It probably falls somewhere between "Little Bit of JoJo" and dedicating a post to Emily Sutton's bangs. That's fair, I guess.

Anyway, I would come up with a list of other local celebs that I'd like this guy to draw, but I'm too damn sleepy and need to go to bed. Plus, outside of Joleen Chaney eating watermelon in a pink bikini, none of them could top this Jim Traber portrait that some dude painted for us.

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