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Aubrey McClendon is a finalist for the Worst CEO of the 2012

9:00 AM EST on November 29, 2012

Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse for Aubrey McClendon, we were alerted to this bit of information by an Ogle Mole.

The Motley Fool is currently in the middle of a contest to find the Worst CEO of 2012. It's kind of like "Worst of OKC" combined with "Ogle Madness," only not nearly as cool, expansive or popular. The contest started a few months ago with eight CEOs and is now down to just two finalists. They are Chesapeake's Aubrey McClendon and the guy who's ultimately responsible for this...

Yep, Aubrey McClendon is currently in a battle with the CEO of Zynga for the title of Worst CEO of 2012. To make things even more embarrassing, he's winning the vote by a 2 - 1 margin. That's about as sad as being whacked in Mafia Wars.

Anyway, if you want to go vote for Aubrey (or the guy who made your sweet little aunt the most annoying person on Facebook), click here. If anything, it will be practice for next year's competition when you can vote for Tom Ward.

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