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Law and Order

We’ve discovered OKC’s version of Iron Man. Her name is Ms. McDonald.

1:31 PM EST on November 27, 2012

The lady pictured above is Ms. McDonald. If she looks like your typical Oklahoma State Fair goer, well, it's because she probably is. But get this. She's also a local vigilante crime fighter. Over the weekend, she broke up a gang of Oklahoma City house burglars and did it all from the comfort of here motorized wheel chair.

From KFOR:

Margaret McDonald routinely travels her neighborhood in her power chair.

It can get going up to 4.2 miles an hour.

Not super fast, but on Sunday, it was enough to help police track down some burglars.

“I seen them coming out of the window and I thought, that’s strange if they’re carrying a big TV out the window,” McDonald said. “I thought they lived there at first.”

But McDonald quickly realized she’d interrupted a burglary in progress on the 1500 block of S.W. 77th Terrace.

She said when the five suspects spotted her, they scattered and ran.

“I hollered, ‘Stop thieves!’ Like that,” she said. “And that one went running down the road, so I followed him.”

She chased the suspect until he jumped a fence.

Once police arrived on scene, she was able to point them in the right direction and positively identify two of the burglars after police caught them.

“You know, I’m glad I could help them out a little bit,” McDonald said.

I've got an amazing idea. What if we produced an hour-long action-comedy featuring Ms. McDonald and Sweet Brown as a couple of hardened Oklahoma City street cops who solve crimes? It would be kind of like Saving Grace, only minus the angels and not terrible. Who wouldn't want to watch that? I know I sure would. The only catch is that the show would have to be on HBO or Showtime so we could have cursing, gruesome violence and nudity for the episode where they raid Night Trips to look for a stripper serial killer named Alexis. Plus, we'd want it to win some awards. Awards are cool.

Seriously, this may be the best idea I've ever had. The show would be a guaranteed hit. We already have natural catchphrases — Sweet Brown would yell "Aint nobody got time for that!" when she chases suspects through Automobile Alley; Ms. McDonald would holler "Stop Thieves" before she guns down a criminal at Cattlemen's — and we could have Joleen Chaney be the young news reporter who covers the duo's mischievous escapades. Joleen Chaney would be a great actress. I'd conduct the audition myself.

Anyway, I should probably email the lady who created Saving Grace and see if she can arrange a meeting with a network bigwig to get this thing green lit. In the meantime, if you're a criminal looking to prey upon the people of Oklahoma City, you better watch your back. Ms. McDonald will get you.

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