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The Oklahoma Gazette has lost all editorial standards…

2:05 PM EST on November 15, 2012

Remember when the Oklahoma Gazette was a cool newspaper that covered local news and entertainment happenings that people cared about? You know, things like this.

Well, those days are apparently long gone. Just check out this week's cover story:

Yep, the Oklahoma Gazette is now running feature articles on dwarves, gingers, and Bosley rejects. At least the headline's accurate. That really is no laughing matter.

Seriously, what's going on there? Are they profiling comedians, computer lab technicians or soon to be sexual predators? That makes me want to watch TwinProv and cry. The only thing that could make that photo any sadder is if Joel Decker was in the background performing stand-up.

Actually, I'm kidding about all that. Those are some good people. The guy in the center is our very own Spencer Hicks. You may be familiar with him. Even though he didn't mention it in the Gazette article, he writes a column for The Lost Ogle every Tuesday that's literally read by dozens of people. The bald guy is Bradchad Porter. No, that's not one of my typos, his name really is Bradchad. I heard he goes by that just to throw off the girl who calls out the names at City Bites. The dude on the left is Gróin, son of Nimód of the cave people.

Anyway, go read about them and the good things they do for the OKC comedy scene over at the Gazette's website. They really do bring some funny comedians to town. You should also check out one of their shows at the 51st Street Speakeasy. I'm not sure you'll laugh, but you'll feel like you're supporting a good cause.

Also, people at the Gazette who take us too seriously, we still like you guys. Just make sure you never do anything like this:


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