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Steven Tyler got Oklahoma City confused with Wichita…

I've watched one full season of American Idol. It was the one when Carrie Underwood beat the southern rocker dude in the finals. I suffered through it because I was married at the time and watching American Idol was one of things confused and conforming married men did to make life tolerable. Oh well, at least Carrie Underwood was hot.

I've also owned one Aerosmith CD. It was 1993's Get a Grip. I bought the CD because I was 15 and really didn't know what good music sounded like. Plus, I had a major crush on Alicia Silverstone, which has now been retroactively ruined thanks to the video of her chewing up food and spitting it into her kid's mouth. Oh well, at least Liv Tyler became a hot elf.

Anyway, I'm telling you all this because Aerosmith performed in Oklahoma City last week and it just so happened that Ryan Seacrest and Randy Jackson were in town shooting some scenes for American Idol at the same time. This lead to the trio catching a Thunder game, Seacrest and Jackson singing Come Together at the Aerosmith Concert, and Steven Tyler creating silly mischief on the American Idol set.

Confused? Well, so is Steven Tyler. He thinks it all took place in Wichita, KS. From the Wichita-Eagle:

Aerosmith front man and former “American Idol” judge Steven Tyler did an interview from Kansas City, Mo., today with the syndicated “Bobby Bones Show.”

“Do you travel so much that you forget where you are at times?” Bones asked.

“Absolutely, absolutely,” Tyler said before unintentionally going on to prove it.

“I was on the set the other night in … Wichita, Kansas,” Tyler said.

That part was true. Aerosmith played Intrust Bank Arena Sunday night.

“Just so happened ‘Idol’ was there,” Tyler said. He went on to explain that he called up his former “Idol” buddies Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest, who said they wanted to come to his show.

“Of course, I dragged them both out on stage, which was a hoot for me. That was my coup de gras, getting them both out on stage in my world and not on the set of ‘Idol’ was a grand finale for me.”

A grand finale it may have been, but it didn’t happen in Wichita. “Idol” was taping in Oklahoma City.

Tyler went on to say that the next day he stopped by where “Idol” was shooting in some sort of costume.

“I jumped on the set and tried to fool them to see if they could figure out who I was.”

Tyler said listeners would have to watch “Idol” to see if he managed to fool anyone.

It’s not clear if anyone pointed out to Tyler that Oklahoma City fooled him into thinking it was Wichita.

Great, just when you think we're becoming all big league and important some dude who looks like a lady goes off and confuses us with Wichita. All they have is a CHL Hockey team. How embarrassing.

That being said, I guess you can't blame him for getting things confused. He's probably one of the few people alive who has done more drugs than Wayne Coyne and lived to act like an idiot at a Thunder game. His brain is more fried than a dinner at Eischen's. He probably thought this entire experience was one big acid trip:

By the way, I wish I was a big time washed up rock star. It sure would be fun to wear sandals with socks and totally get away with it.

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