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The Ada Wal-Mart apparently likes the Confederacy

Every now and then, I head over to the Oklahoma Reddit page in search of topics or material to write about. Most of the time, I find myself reading about lost dogs or online dating meetups, but occasionally my research pays off.

For example, check out this pic I found of a Veteran's Day tribute that was set up at the Ada Wal-Mart:

Yep, nothing says "Support Our Veterans" more than displaying a 150-year symbol of hatred, racism, and outright rebellion. Go America!

Actually, we shouldn't be surprised by this at all. This is Oklahoma. At last check, we're the same state that voted to ban Affirmative Action programs by a 60% margin. It's not like we're know for being respectful to diversity.

Anyway, a few thoughts:

1. Technically, that's not the Confederate Battle Flag. It's actually the old state flag of Georgia. It was used in the Peach state from 1956 - 2001, until it was changed due to its racist undertones.

2. I guess there's a chance the photo was not taken at the Ada Wal-Mart. Once again, I found the thing on Reddit. That's not the most reliable source of information. If you think about it, I guess it is kind of weird that some dude in Ada would have a bunch of old Georgia state flags lying around his garage and that he would display those flags at a Wal-Mart in Oklahoma on Veterans's Day. But then again, this is Ada we're talking about. It's a strange town. They're best known for a petrified tree, abandoned monkey park and pre-paid legal services.

3. Don't give me any crap about Southern Heritage or honoring fallen Confederate Soldiers. I recently found out that some of my ancestors served in the Confederate Army. I'm about as proud of that as I am finding site content on the Oklahoma Reddit page. It's kind of embarrassing.

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