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Hipsters invaded the Governor’s Mansion!

11:18 AM EST on November 12, 2012

Over the past few years, we've somehow become Oklahoma's unofficial news source for shenanigans at the Governor's Mansion. We covered Christina Fallin's fashion magazine photo shoot, our Governor's obsession with hot tub temperatures, and totally wicked frat boy rush parties.

Well, I guess it's time to add another item to our list of excellence in Governor's Mansion reporting. Hipsters invaded the mansion grounds over the weekend, and fortunately for us, they have Instagram accounts!

Here are a few of the pics we found. Unless you consider posing at the Governor Mansion's podium with a glass of wine to be risque, they photos are not very controversial. In fact, they don't have a thing on Governor Keating's forehead waxing pics from the 1990s. They're just kind of funny, weird and totally hipstery.

Anyone else kind of disappointed that the pool is so dirty? Considering how much taxpayers spend to keep it heated, you think the family would use it.


Nevermind. I guess people (a.k.a. filthy hipsters) do use the pool at the Governor's Mansion. As Christina Fallin would say, OMG!


Hey, it's that dude from Chrome Pony! I think he's singing his new song "I just rubbed one out in the bathroom at the Governor's Mansion."


This had to be the coolest moment in that hipster's life. Until, of course, he smoked a bunch of pot and forgot about it.


I think this is Hipster Boy's girlfriend. Her comment to the right reads "This is serious shit." Actually, it's not.


Hey, it's that Chrome Pony dude again. Apparently he want's someone to email him this photo. Can someone get on that?


That's the same picture from the top of the post. Apparently, something "unreal" and "so damn funny" is happening during this picture. I'll bet you $20 that it was Christina Fallin farting.


Anyway, that's it. As I said, nothing too controversial. In fact, the pics are kind of boring. I'm surprised they weren't doing more hipstery things like smoking pot in the panhandle section of the pool or acting out the plots to their favorite 'Mumford and Sons' and "Bon Iver" songs. Then again, maybe they didn't post all their photos to Instagram.

Also, I wish Price Fallin would have a kegger at the mansion sometime soon. I bet those pics would be much more entertaining.

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