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Meet Oklahoma City’s Pipe Bomber of the Month…

10:54 AM EST on November 8, 2012

If I were to ask you what type of person lives in the house pictured above, there's a good chance you'd say either a drug addict, anarchist or weird man with prison tattoos who really wants people to know his street address. Any answer would be correct.

Via NewsOK:

Police found a pipe bomb and various chemicals used to make explosives Wednesday in a southwest Oklahoma City home after they arrested a man whose bond was revoked in another criminal case.

Roger Lee Sherman, 51, was arrested about 8 a.m. Capt. Dexter Nelson said police served a search warrant at his home at 2833 SW 79 last week and found firearms and drugs. Sherman has an ongoing criminal case involving numerous drug and weapons charges. Nelson said the judge in that case revoked Sherman's bond.

After police arrested Sherman on Wednesday at another location, they went back to his house to search again.

“On this second warrant, they found what they believe to be a pipe bomb in the house along with an assortment of hazardous chemicals,” Nelson said.

Nelson said the chemicals found at the house could be used to make explosives. Firefighters and bomb squad technicians worked for hours to determine what the chemicals were and how to safely remove them from the house...

Sherman was being held Wednesday at the Oklahoma County jail on the revoked bond, but Nelson said numerous other charges likely will be filed based on the materials police found at his home Wednesday.

Seriously, what's up with all the street addresses on that property? There's one on each side of the curb and another hanging over what used to be a garage. You would think the Una Bomber fanboy would be a bit more discreet. Oh well, it least they didn't find human skin on the walls or a room in the back called "the Chamber."

Anyway, if you think the house looks bad, check out a pic of the dude who lived their making bombs and nightmares. Not surprisingly, he looks like what would happen if an extra from Sons of Anarchy mated with a fair carnie:

Yikes. If you look at that picture long enough, I'm pretty sure he steals part of your soul. Or you grow pig tails. One of the two.

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