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Reason #4,762 not to live in El Reno: Brown Water

So, I was surfing the web for an image to accompany this post about brown water spewing out of faucets in El Reno. I first googled "brown water." After looking at a couple of pics I quickly closed my browser and stabbed my eyes with needles. After recovering from that, I googled "El Reno." This pic was the fourth Google image result:

Hey, it's a redneck El Reno girl in a swimsuit holding a sign in a blizzard! Yeeeeeehaw!!! She's kind of stripper/country hot, but that's still cool. Trust me, it sure beats looking at images of brown water.

Oddly enough, the pic is located at It's one of those user submitted "Rick's Pics" or whatever it is now. The two KOCO user comments that accompany it make YouTube comments seem profound. They are "Girls gone wild is on another website" and "CRAZY girl!!!!  You have lost your mind!!!"

Anyway, couple of thoughts:

1. During our next Winter Snowpocalypse, we need to have a "Hot Girls in Swimsuits in the Snow" photo contest. Who wouldn't like that? Maybe our friends at Patricia's can sponsor it.

2. I kind of forgot about this, but some lady in El Reno is having to deal with brown water. Sucks to be her.


An El Reno woman says the water that comes out of her tap is "disgusting." The city says it feels her pain.

Pam Freebern says it doesn't happen every day, sometimes it only happens once or twice a week. But she says the brown shade positively disgusts her. She says it has stained her sinks, her toilets, her bathtub, and her clothes.

Freebern says she hasn't taken a drink of the water that comes out of her tap in two years.

Assistant El Reno City Manager John Dean says El Reno's water is safe to drink. But the city is spending millions of dollars to replace tens of thousands of feet of old pipes.

"There's a list of 15 different streets we've either re-done large portions or completely have re-done," he said.

Dean says the brown color is created by sediment in the water lines that is stirred up when there is a change in water pressure. He says unfortunately that sediment can be stirred up when crews replace water lines.

Yeah, I'm sure it's just sediment. It has nothing to do with the fact that your city is the "Onion Burger Capital of the World." That's a lot of burger grease to go down those city pipes. We should resurrect FOGzie from the annals of bad advertising ideas and send him to El Reno to help educate and inform.

Also, if you're an El Reno resident, wouldn't this be a great excuse to pack up and move out-of-town? There's nothing to do in El Reno except eat onion burgers, test drive a Lincoln, and die. At least they have crazy country girls, though. That's kind of nice.

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