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This rap video produced by the University of Oklahoma is the best bad thing you’ll watch all week…

I know what you're thinking. Why's Bob Stoops posing with one of the dads from MTV's Teen Mom in front in Gaylord Oklahoma stadium? Why does he look like he wants to quit coaching college football and join his wife's Mary Kay downline?

Well, here's your answer:

Well, those are two disastrous minutes of my life that I'll never have back. That was just painful to watch. Granted, it wasn't as painful as watching video of your dog getting hit by a car, your grandparents having sex or highlights of the 2007 Fiesta Bowl, but painful nevertheless. I bet that's the same song that Landry Jones listens to on his headphones to get pumped-up before each game.

All that being said, it could be worse. They could have thrown in a clip of a football player carrying a ballerina, or included a verse of David Boren rapping about sportsmanship. Those will probably be in the sequel.

Also, this isn't the first time the University of Oklahoma has produced something the tortures the eyes, ears and all human dignity. They did this thing with the Horse Pigs, and the same production company that made this video created something called the OU Slapwatch. At least OU's never done something like this:

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