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Mary Fallin’s Twitter account was hacked…

8:42 PM EDT on September 20, 2012

Mary Fallin has been accused of a lot of things. Being smart is not one of them. Therefore, it's no surprise that the Governor's official Twitter account was hacked last night by what appears to be a really strange man or vengeful 9-year old girl. Here are screen shots of the four Tweets:



First of all, I'd like the congratulate Mary Fallin for being the victim of one of the lamest hacks in human history. Seriously, I feel like I just looked at my aunt's Facebook page. I guess this is what happens when you get one of those fishy "LOL check out these pics of you" direct messages.

All that being said, this is still embarrassing. Here are three theories as to how it happened:

• Governor Fallin has a common internet password. According to a quick Internet search, some of the most common passwords are "password," "123456" or "abc123." Perhaps Mary Fallin used one of those. Or maybe the password was something more relevant or easy to guess like "Reagan," "Lemming," or "OHP143."

• One of her staffers handed their iPhone to an 11-year-old girl. Notice how Mary used the words "we" and "our" when announcing the hack. I know a lot of politicians delegate their social media accounts to low-level staffers, but shouldn't that be marked on her page?

• Mary Fallin accidentally tweeted from the wrong Twitter account. What's scary about all this is that I can see Mary Fallin actually laughing at those tweets. I'll bet you she texted that image of the man with the pencil mustache to Christina like it was some new funny thing. She probably has the monkey with the banana saved as a screen saver.

p.s. - You can still see all the originals on TwitPic.

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