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21 rejected Toby Keith songs about alcohol

The only thing SQ 779 supporter Toby Keith loves more than alcohol is singing about alcohol. Need proof? Here's a sampling of some his alcohol inspired songs dating back to 2002.

2002 – “Beer for My Horses” (with Willie Nelson)
2003 – “Nights I Can’t Remember, Friends I’ll Never Forget”
2003 – “I Love This Bar”
2004 – “Whiskey Girl”
2005 – “Get Drunk and Be Somebody”
2007 – “Get My Drink On”
2011 – “Clancy’s Tavern”
2011 – “Red Solo Cup”
2011 – “Beers Ago”
2012 – "I Like Girls Who Drink Beer"
2013 – "Drinks After Work"
2015 – "Drunk Americans"

Yeah, and you thought he only wrote songs about shooting guns and terrorists.

Anyway, that's quite an impressive resume of songs about drinking and partying, but it has nothing on the list of 21 rejected Toby Keith songs about alcohol that we recently discovered scribbled on the bathroom wall of Toby Keith's "I Love This Bar and Grill."

Check it out:

21. The Bottle Never Banged My Half-Brother

20. Whiskey 63, Toby 14

19. Why don't we get drunk and masturbate together

18. Spewin' on My Boots

17. Beer Breath, Cigarettes and Chew: An Ode to Mamma

16. That Jimmy Sure Likes His Whiskey

15. Upside Down & Blind: The Ballad of Sailor Jerry

14. I like Girls Who Drink Beer and Put Out

13. She Only Lies When She’s Sober

12. Suds in My ‘Stache

11. My Pants Are On Tight (The Wing Man Song)

10. Empty Cans and Bruised Knuckles

9. $4 and bottle of Scope

8. I’m Only As Drunk As You Are Thin

7. Tears Like Everclear

6. Red, White and Budweiser

5. Drinkin' and Drivin' and Makin' Love

4. Talladega Pints

3. Choking on My Vomit on a Saturday Night

2. Puttin' Texas Beer in an Oklahoma Girl

1. Blackhawk Down: Mardi Gras 1997


Editor's Note: This is an updated rehash / ripoff of an old post from that you probably never read. 

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