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Bad Drivers Beware: There’s a new Video Vigilante in town (video)

1:00 PM EDT on September 11, 2012

We occasionally like to make fun of Brian "The Video Vigilante" Bates on this site. This is primarily because he likes to film disgusting street prostitutes having sex with equally disgusting men and then sell the footage for his own profit, but also because he looks like his name should be Mr. Wiggles or Pee-Wee.

Anyway, for the past 10-years or so, Mr. Bates owned the creepy vigilante cameraman market in this town. Now, though, it looks like he has a rival. Through the Ogle Mole Network, we have learned there's a guy driving the streets of Oklahoma City and filming bad drivers in the act. He's then posting the footage on YouTube. We'll call this new vigilant cameraman the "Trafficilante."

Okay, I know that's lame, but I couldn't think of another nickname. I even got out a thesaurus and looked up alternate words for "traffic" and "vigilante." Maybe we should just call this new guy the Video Vigilante and give Brian Bates a different name. Once again, Mr. Wiggles has a ring to it.

Here's the Trafficilante's first video. I wonder if you made it.

Okay, so that was kind of boring. It's not near as much fun as watching some guy with a camera run up to a 1998 Neon where some guy named Larry is getting a beej from a woman named Blanche, but it has some potential. Here are some suggestions to the Trafficilante to make this project work:

• Add some music that isn't coming from your car stereo. While you're at it, find a new radio station.

• Get rid of the time and date stamp. It makes me feel like I'm watching a re-run of Americas Funniest Home Videos.

• Hang out at the Hefner Parkway & I-44 interchange or that weird intersection by Penn Square Mall where Belle Isle meets Northwest Expressway and I-44. You'll find plenty of footage there.

• Go down to South Robinson and film Johns hooking up with street prostitutes. Hey, it worked for Mr. Wiggles.

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