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Jerry Giordano was arrested again. Let’s hope he doesn’t sue us.

Back in 2008, we wrote about former KTUL Channel 8 (Tulsa) news reporter Jerry Giordano. We did this because one night he got drunk, wrecked his car, fled the scene, and then shit his pants. And he did it all while wearing a dapper blue tanktop! Total TLO material, right?

Despite the negative publicity, Mr. Giordano wasn't fired by KTUL. In fact, they kept him on for another couple of years. He finally left in 2010 to either sell real estate for Coldwell Banker or just do a bunch of meth. We're not sure which one. From the Tulsa World:

A former Tulsa television news anchorman was arrested Monday after police found a substance in his vehicle that is believed to be meth, an arrest report states.

Jerry Giordano, 50, who left his longtime position at KTUL, channel 8, in 2010, was pulled over about 11:40 p.m. Sunday in a pickup that contained two bags of a "crystalline substance" and another "large rock" of the substance, the report says.

Police stopped the 1990 Ford F-150 on Harvard Avenue just north of 41st Street after noticing an expired license tag, according to the report. Giordano also had no insurance, so police called for a wrecker and searched the pickup, the report says.

A small bag of the substance was in the driver's seat, along with another bag in a driver-side door panel and the rock in the driver-side door handle, according to the report.

The substance in the bag on the driver's seat tested "presumptive positive" for methamphetamine, the report says.

Giordano was arrested and booked into the Tulsa Jail on a complaint of drug possession, records show. He was released on $2,500 bond.

That's sad, but on a positive note, at least he didn't shit his pants! Or maybe he changed his diaper. Who knows.

Also, his new mug shot is much more frightening than the one from 2008. Thanks to that weird little smirk and blue tank top, he kind of looked like a whimsical Canadian. This time around he looks like a guy who eats whimsical Canadians (or small children and puppies) for breakfast...or a meth addict who's watching his career disintegrate before his eyes.

Anyway, hopefully Jerry Giordano doesn't threaten to sue us for writing about his illegal behavior. He's done it before. Check out this email he sent to us and the Irritated Tulsan back in 2010:

Hey Guys!

I am the Tulsa TV Reporter who got a bit "carried away' (a much more flattering term I use in my OWN head) on the 4th of July in 2008.  I am pretty sure you know the rest.  Talk about a REALLY bad day!

At any rate, as flattered as I am to the 15th most popular post in 2008 (Wow!  Who knew?) I am respectfully requesting that you remove the post, my picture (aka MUGSHOT), and any mention of me (unless it is nice) from your website.  Consider it a "humanitarian effort."  I think your site is great (except for the humiliating parts about me) and I never said anything before because I figure I got what I deserved (for being an IDIOT) and "celebrity" (roll your eyes here) cuts both ways.

But, I am leaving the business at the end of May after desperately trying to keep my head up (NOT easy) and doing the best I could to clean up my name (even HARDER).  I am hoping you guys can see past the principles and rules of journalism and freedom of speech and just remove the posts.

If figure it can't hurt to ask.  Unless, of course, I just stirred the pot again.  That would REALLY suck!

Thanks in advance for helping me out.  Next time I am in OKC I will take you both out for some beers.  YOU drive!

Jerry Giordano

Yeah, the guy who got plastered, crashed his car, and the lost his bowels asked us out for drinks. Anyway, I won't bore you with all the other details, but I refused to remove any of our content and offered Jerry the chance participate in a Q&A to "clear" his good name. This was his reply:

Dear The Lost Ogle:

My attorney is already involved and I have now forwarded this reply to him for a legal opinion. I am not a lawyer, but my best friend and longtime former KTUL colleague is, so it will be his call. I am very fortunate in that regard.

In the meantime, I will see how it all looks once the posts from "the irritated tulsan" are actually removed. Yes, I requested that he have them removed and he was decent enough to comply. I thank you for executing this and we will continue to monitor the situation.

I'm not looking for a war, but not shirking from one, either. I guess we will see. FYI: Much of what is written about me is UNTRUE, malicious, and goes against your own posting guidelines, which have been noted and documented. Hiding behind some bogus and watered down "disclaimer" will not fly, I am advised, in court.. That VISA card with my image, I am told, is enough to shut your entire website down -- temporarily through an injunction -- and perhaps permanently. I will take that route, if forced. I am not seeking damages at this time. But, I am advised, that is also a viable option.

As far as negative "press," it can't be any worse than what I have already gone through. If I become the "poster child" for internet malice, that's fine with me. I am not worried.

Expect a communication of some sort from my attorney next week.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.


Jerry Giordano

To which my reply was:

Jerry -

Please forward all future communication to our legal counsel.  It's a shame we couldn't work this out amicably.

- Patrick

Three things:

1. We never heard from Jerry Giordano after my final email. Maybe his lawyer buddy from KTUL told him he didn't have a case, or maybe he got drunk, smoked a lot of meth and forgot about it. I really don't care.

2. Please don't ever try to bully us with threats of a lawsuit. It may sound fun and tough and everything, but it won't work. If anything, it will piss us off and we'll hold the emails until you fuck up again.

3. Get some help, Jerry.

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