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The 2012 Worst of OKC begins today!

Hey kids, welcome to Day 1 of the 2012 Worst of OKC — our fun, interactive feature where you guys and gals get to determine the worst things this bustling little metropolis in Middle America has to offer.

Each day over the next three weeks, we'll post one "Worst of OKC" category and its five nominees. At the end of the post, you'll then vote on which one you think is the worst. The nominee that gets the most votes is the winner. Simple, huh? Here are a couple of answers to some other questions you may have.

How did you determine the nominees? Unlike the Gazette's "Best of OKC" or the Oklahoman's "Reader's Choice Awards," we don't rely 100% on reader nominations. That way, we prevent silly, embarrassing things like Super Cuts being named "Best Hair Salon" from happening. However, we did receive about 200 reader nominations for this year. Those nominations played a key role in selecting the nominees for categories.

Are you all going to be sued for this? Probably. But let's get this disclaimer out-of-the-way. The "Worst of OKC" isn't scientific. It's just a random internet poll voted on by random people on the internet.

What's the schedule? We're going to get things started later today with the "Worst Anchorman" category. Polls for each individual category will remain open for seven days, but just in case you want to plan your schedule around it, here's when the other categories will be posted:

8/13: Anchorman8/14: Anchorwoman8/15: Weatherperson8/16: News Channel8/17: Place to Park Your Car

8/20: Sports Personality8/21: Douche Bag8/22: Morning Radio Jocks8/23: Type of Natural Disaster*8/24: Intersection

8/21: Human8/22: Commercial Spokesperson*8/23: Suburb8/24: Tourist Attraction8/25: Thing about OKC

So there it is. I hope you all enjoy it.

Also, just like with Ogle Madness V, your primary host for the 2012 Worst of OKC will be our friend Joel. He'll write most of the blurbs and intros for all the nominees, so if you do want to sue someone, make sure it's him.

*New Category

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