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Here is Congressman Dan Boren’s odd attempt at humor (video)

The guy with the teeth in the picture above is outgoing Oklahoma 2nd Congressional Representative Dan Boren. Earlier today, the Washington D.C blog Colture Club posted a "hilarious" video interview with the congressman. The interview is hilarious because they said it was:

Cloture Club’s Andrew Heaton recently sat down with outgoing Congressman Dan Boren (D-OK). He’s retiring from Congress in January, and he gave us the 5 things he wants to do before he leaves congress. Everything from racing down the halls of congress, door bell ditch another congressman, and much more. Check out our hilarious interview!

I know what you're thinking. Where do I find this hilarious interview? Where do I get to see Congressman Boren engage in silly acts of mischief like racing down halls and door bell ditching? The answer is right here:

Hehe, that is hysterical. I literally can't stop laughing. It's the funniest thing I've seen all week. It's almost as funny as the Big Bang Theory or Jay Leno or the recent wildfires. And just imagine if they had a laugh track with it. Then it would be even funnier.

Anyway, from what I've heard Dan Boren is leaving Congress to make a fortune, spend time with his family and avoid the embarrassment of not being re-elected. When he's done with that, he'll probably run for Governor or Senator or something like that.

In the meantime, let's just pray that his money-making plans have nothing to do with humor or comedy. We'd all be screwed if that happened. Instead, Mr. Boren should do what other ex-politicians do when they retire and go into the lobbying or consulting fields. That way, all the businesses, people and special interest groups that he helped out while in congress can then repay the favor. As we know, that's how true fortunes are made in politics.

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