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Send us your nominations for the 2012 Worst of OKC!

2:35 PM EDT on August 1, 2012

Earlier today, I wrote about how Oklahoma seems to be stuck in a very slow, hot and (especially if you're an OU football fan) depressing news cycle. Since that's the case, I figured this would be a good time to seek the Ogle Mole Network's help in selecting nominees and new categories for our now-annual "Worst of OKC" feature.

In case you're new around here, our "Worst of OKC" (2011 Results) is a lot like the Gazette's "Best of OKC" or the Oklahoman's "Reader's Choice Awards," except that our competition isn't a glorified, semi-rigged popularity contest designed to appease advertisers. We take a look at the worst things in this town, and for some reason, businesses don't buy "Vote for Me" ads for something like that.

There are some other differences, too. For example, the "Worst of OKC" focuses more on local people, personalities and the media and less on restaurants, clothing boutiques and dental offices. Also, we've never sought nominations from our readers or Ogle Moles...until now.

Yes, this year we are asking for a little help in determining who's nominated for an award. We're still going to flex some editorial control and judgement when coming up with the finalists for each category, but the nominations will serve as a very needed and helpful guide.

Anyway, you can check out this year's categories and submit your nominations after the jump. We're also seeking feedback for other categories you'd like to see added to this year's competition. We'll take two of those and include them in the field.

p.s. - The survey will be open until August 8th. The worst of OKC will launch on August 13th.

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