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Breaking News: We may break the all-time heat record today

I know you're already aware that Oklahoma City may set an all-time record high temperature later today, but since all the politicians, criminals and weirdos decided to take the week off and swelter in the heat and watch the Olympics or something, I figured I'd remind you.

Seriously, this is the slowest news week of the year. There's literally nothing going on right now. I guess I could write about the boulevard fiasco, but even that's kind of boring. Do we want a raised boulevard or a weird roundabout? Here's an idea. How about neither? Figure out a way to build a normal road.

Anyway, hopefully we break the heat record, the Olympics end and people start doing stupid crap again, because we desperately need it. In the meantime, here's a pic of Carrie Underwood with her hockey-playing husband at Disney's Animal Kingdom Park. It's the only thing we got. Sorry!

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