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At least So6ix knows how to publish a decent swimsuit issue

We are generally pretty critical of the local lifestyles magazine "So6ix." I think it's safe to say that our criticism is well deserved.

For one, the writing in the magazine is terrible. And not regular terrible. It's like really really bad burn-your-eyes-like-onions terrible. The articles in it read like they were written by a bunch of 12-year-olds. Sure, you could say the same thing about our content, but at least you can tell that our 12-year-olds were placed in Promise or Peak. I think the 12-year-olds who write for So6ix still use crayons.

Then you have the name. So6ix. If that sounds like something that was thought up by a couple of douche bags at Rok Bar in between fist fights and Jägerbombs, well, that's because it probably was. You see, "So6ix" is supposed to symbolize the six topics the magazine claims to cover — satire, society, satisfaction, style, self-help, and success.  The funny thing is, outside of (douche bag) society and (douche bag) style, they don't really cover any of those things.

Take satire, for example. The only thing satirical about So6ix is that they think they publish satire. They don't publish fake news, witty commentary, or anything even pretending to be humorous or funny. Their satire section is simply a syndicated horoscope column with stuff like "Watch out for the people close to you, Aries" or "A business opportunity may present itself to you, Aquarius." Maybe they should replace "satire" with "stupid" to make it fit the magazine?

All that being said, So6ix is pretty good at publishing pictures of hot chicks. In fact, it's about the only thing they do right. A month or two ago, they featured a pictorial on Channel 25's Liz Dueweke. Even though she lacks a sense of humor and is full of herself, that was pretty nice. And now this month they have released a swimsuit issue featuring local supermodels like Honeybee Talor and Morgan Woolard. Here are a few pics I liked. You can see, sigh, the entire issue at

Obligatory Fair Use Commentary: Wow, she's hot!

Obligatory Fair Use Commentary: Yahtzee!!! Although this picture is still better.

Obligatory Fair Use Commentary: Strips are nice!!!

Obligatory Fair Use Commentary: I bet she's watching me surf in the distance.

Obligatory Fair Use Commentary: Is something in the picture Photoshopped??? Who cares!!!

Wow, not bad for a crummy local magazine that illiterate pretend to read while waiting for a table at Twin Peaks. If you need another local publication to compare those photos to, just check out some of these pics I found online of the 2012 Look At OKC swimsuit issue. I wonder which is better:

Obligatory Fair Use Commentary: Uh

Obligatory Fair Use Commentary: uhh..

Obligatory Fair Use Commentary: Uhhh...

Yeah, I can't believe I'm actually writing this, but well-done So6ix. Maybe instead of "satire, society, satisfaction, style, self-help, and success" you should change your cheesy content header focus to "swimsuits, society, sex, style, stupids, swimsuits." You may notice that "swimsuits" is listed twice. Since it's the one thing you guys do well, you might as well focus on it.

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