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Here’s a picture of Joleen Chaney with her 48-pound birthday melon

If you read this site frequently enough, you're probably aware that Channel 4 news vixen Joleen Chaney likes watermelons. This is primarily because watermelons are sweet and delicious, and because Joleen hails from Rush Springs, Oklahoma, the self-proclaimed "Watermelon Capital of the World."

If you need further proof of Joleen's obsession with our state's official vegetable (seriously), you can do what Clark Matthews does three times a day and stare at that picture above. I think it's of JoJo and her BFF Bobbie Miller in some sort of watermelon heaven. It will either make you want to eat a watermelon, give birth to a watermelon or have a witch turn you into a bale of hay.

Or, if you're tired of viewing that picture, you can always check out this one of Joleen Chaney and her 48-pound birthday melon. It's kind of fun.

First of all, happy belated birthday to Joleen Chaney. I have a feeling you're going to lead The Wayne Payne Experience to a surprise victory next week in the voting for our Oklahoma Celebrity Fantasy Draft. If we get the win, I'll treat the entire team to chocolate fondue, watermelons and a lot of red wine. Except for Dr. Phil and Wes Welker. Screw those guys.

Anyway, as a fan of both Joleen Chaney and large melons, this may be the greatest picture ever. My only concern is that the melon was given to her as a birthday present by State Rep Joe Dorman. I like Joe, but as I've mentioned in the past, he don't trust him around women or watermelons.

Also, what are the odds that Nat Eastham is currently working on a song about the fruit or vegetable? It's probably called "Watermelon Girl" or "JoJo Melons" or "Kidnapped and Hidden in the Watermelon Patch." Should be an interesting song.

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