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By the Numbers: Random facts about Oklahoma

I was poking around yesterday, reading about how Obama wants to eat white babies or something, and stumbled upon this article by Carrie Coppernoll. It's online education, by the numbers. Carrie obviously couldn't write an article saying, "Oklahomans are using technology to better themselves" and expect people to read it. Hell, I wouldn't have read it. But since she turned a crappy idea into an interesting story about statistics, I read it.

Immediately I thought this should be something that TLO does to keep our readers up to date on interesting statistics. People like interesting facts and stuff. So like Carrie Coppernoll, I'm here to give it to you!

Also, the picture above is of Oklahoma's own Morgan Woolard. She's on Twitter here. Here is an interesting fact, we are BFF's and I used to be her pageant coach.

27,000: Number of taste buds a catfish has. Which is why noodlers put delicious Bath and Bodyworks lotions on their hands.

5%: Percentage of Kenny Stills wardrobe that is comprised of women's underwear.

5%: Percentage of Kelly Ogle's wardrobe that is comprised of men's tighty whities.

78,213: The total number of roofers that have converged on North Oklahoma City during the past three weeks.

78,212: The total number of illegal immigrants that have converged on North Oklahoma City during the past three weeks.

78,211: The total number of minor seizures Randy Terrill has suffered in the last three weeks.

12: Number of iPads Aubrey McClendon has in his home. One for each bathroom.

9%: The amount of iPhone users who claim to be unhappy with Siri...and also enjoyed your favorite band before they went "mainstream."

23%: The percentage of TLO readers who just Googled "Morgan Woolard" on their iPhone

420: California's Senate bill that legalized medicinal marijuana. I'm not sure why that matters. I'm so stoned right now.

$0.10: The price for a pipe cleaner at Ziggy's.

52 stories: The size of Larry Nichol's ego.

.227: Jim Traber's career big league batting average.

.187: Al Eschbach's batting average at Suger's.

$3.5 Million: Amount of money Mitt Romney raised each day in the month of June. This makes Clay Bennett wonder if should have bought a political office instead of an NBA team.

2%: The percentage of Oklahomans with red hair. Since I'm a minority, can I make fun of other minorities?

2: The number of TLO writers with red hair.

100%: The number of red heads that purchase sunscreen. I haven't decided if this is a tax or a penalty.

7-5: Record of OU's football team this year, according to Patrick.

12-0: Record of the OSU's football team this year, according to Clark Matthews.

7: The amount of people who made it this far.

1,3281,004: The total number of bricks that Steve Lackmeyer has personally labeled and tagged with a GPS tracking device in Bricktown.

1,460: Number of days before Greyson Chance is spotted at Night Trips with that dude from Color Me Badd.

67%: Percentage of second marriages that fail when involving a sushi chef.


Those are all the stats I could find this week. If you enjoyed this, leave a note in the comments and we might do it again. Also, if you have a Twitter account, would you mind going here and voting for @SpencerLenox. If I win I'll give you a Klondike bar. And also another picture of the lovely Morgan Woolard. You're welcome.

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