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Mailbag: Maggie Stokes Fallin Marriage Car Cult Twin

You should know the drill by now. People email us questions or comments throughout the week, and we publish and respond to them here. At the end of the post, you guys then vote for the email you liked best. The winner receives a $25 Gift Certificate to Flint. In case you forgot, Flint is the new restaurant in the Colcord. Fabio ate there a couple of weeks ago after Emily Sutton turned down his awkward advances and declined to travel with him around the world while clinching his muscly arms. You know, because Emily Sutton loves me Oklahoma.

Anyway, here are this week's emails:

Max writes:

Ok well Christina Fallin was married and divorced in 11 months the first time.  You guys got an over/under on how long this one will last?  I say 7 months, she finally comes out as a lesbian, and is married to a woman August of next year.

Let's be fair. She didn't get divorced. Her marriage was annulled. Therefore, Christina's first marriage never really counted.

Okay, now we can stop being fair. I'd give this marriage at least 18 months. It's Christina's second marriage and Eric the Sushi Chef's third, so they'll feel some pressure to make it work for a while. In fact, if Eric can keep Christina away from his AA sponsor, it may just last a little longer.


Linda writes:


Wow, ALL CAPS and blasphemy in one email. That's bold!

Anyway, kind of like how we feature a "Dean Blevins Memorial Tweet of the Week" in our Monday Morning Tweets, it may be time to incorporate a weekly "ALL CAPS EMAIL OF THE WEEK" for the mailbag. We probably get an email like this once week. They are usually typed in ALL CAPS, contain several typos and are sent to us by a woman named Judy, Linda or Kathy. They also typically come from an AOL or Hotmail account.


Jason writes:

I'm a bit curious and kinda creeped out by these commercials for "The Key." When I heard the radio ads I thought, "This kinda sounds like a cult." And then when I saw the TV ads, I thought "This is a cult!" Please shed light. Thanks!

I have Sirius XM, a DVR and HBO. Therefore, I rarely have to suffer through local TV and radio commercials. Normally that's a good thing, until I realize I've missed commercials like this:

Yep, lets drink the Kool-Aid, put on our jogging suits and prepare for the spaceship to give us a ride...or at least a little "life counseling" before we buy a 2005 Malibu with 18% interest and a remote ignition locking device.

Seriously, that's the weirdest car commercial I've ever seen. It makes me want to hug the Diffee Kids and go on a road trip in search of Tom Park.

I did some research and it looks like the "mastermind" behind this bizarre concept is some ad agency from Colorado. I guess it proves anyone can smoke a lot of pot, chew some psychedelic mushrooms and successfully pitch a cheesy ad campaign to a used car dealership in Oklahoma City.

Also, isn't this place the perfect target for some "In Your Corner" style investigative report? I'd love to see what valuable and accredited life services are taught by used car vultures in south Oklahoma City. They probably begin and end with "sign here."


A.A. writes:

Subject: Gov. Fallin's daughter marries again

I would never want to discourage moles from sending us news tips, but can you at least check the site before sending us something? This happens all the time! Read the site, people!

On that note, it is kind of irritating that the Tulsa World didn't give us any credit for breaking the Christina Fallin marriage story. I know they didn't have to do it, but it would have been cool. In the blog universe, it's considered proper etiquette to recognize the source for a story with a link or hat tip. Then again, newspapers and blogs are totally different. Blogs continue to grow and rise in popularity, while newspapers continue to struggle and lose readers.


Will asks:

Just happened to be poking around the KOCO webpage and I noticed that morning anchor Maggie Stokes' bio says that she has an identical twin sister. Hmmmmmmm.

I would never want to discourage moles from sending us news tips, but can you at least check the site before sending us something? This happens all the time! Read the site, people!

Sorry, had to write that again. Yes, we are very aware that Maggie Stokes has a twin. In fact, we posted a picture of that twin in our countdown of the "20 Hottest Women in the OKC Media." Somehow, Maggie was ranked #13. How in the world she ranked that low still haunts me.

Anyway, now that people know Maggie has a twin, I'm going to type some things to help with our search engine rankings. Here we go: Maggie Stokes; Maggie Stokes Twin; Maggie Stokes Twin Sister; Maggie Stokes Twin Sister Bubble Bath; Maggie Stokes Tw, we'll just leave it at that. That should catch the all the Googlebots and pervs.



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