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Joe Gumm was forced to apologize to Howard Stern, and in probably unrelated news was let go by channel 25

Yesterday, an Ogle Mole contacted us and asked two surprising questions: "Did you hear that channel 25 fired morning anchor Joe Gumm?" and "Did his flap with Howard Stern have something to do with it?" These questions were surprising because we didn't know Joe Gumm was no longer at KOKH and we had no idea of any incident between Joe Gumm and Howard Stern because if any incident between Joe Gumm and Howard Stern had occurred surely this website of all websites would have known about it and why would there be an incident between Joe Gumm and Howard Stern?

The first thing I did when asked about this was go to the website and type in the words "joe gumm howard stern" and then took a moment to think about how disappointed 14-year-old me must be in how my life turned out. After that, this video from a couple months ago popped up:

Holy crap! Apparently there really was blowup between Joe Gumm and Howard Stern? How did we miss this? Fortunately, the Gazette's Chicken Fried News, which is sort of a dead tree version of TLO, picked up the ball that we dropped. Apparently Gumm called Stern ugly and misrepresented a lawsuit that he had filed, and so Stern's fans bombarded Gumm with complaints until he was forced to cry uncle or Baba Booey or whatever it is Stern's fans make their unsuspecting victims cry.

And man oh man did Gumm cry uncle. Not only did he do the on-air apology you heard above, he also took to twitter and offered up one self-flagellating tweet after another. Here's a representative sample:

Believe me, there is plenty more where that came from. By my count Gumm offered up a whopping 36 apologetic tweets on April 23rd alone. Joe Gumm is very very very very sorry for saying mean things about Howard Stern.

Also, yes, channel 25 let Joe Gumm go last Thursday but it probably doesn't have anything to do with this whole debacle. It probably has more to do with ratings and focus groups and boring stuff like that. And people losing their jobs is a bummer, so I don't really have any jokes about that and wish Joe Gumm a future free of Howard Stern fans in his future endeavors.

Tony thinks Howard Stern is ugly and you should follow him on Twitter at @TonyinOKC.

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