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I STORM the Sticky Stranglets

Until last week, I had never heard of a local band called the Sticky Stranglets. But then someone named Captain C-Note sent me a link to their music video for the track "Topsy Turvy World." With all apologies to Red City Radio, Josh Sallee and the Non, they now may be my favorite local band.

Here's the music video:

Here's a little tip for all the young hipster musicians at ACM in Bricktown. If you want to see your band featured on an obscure local social blog, make sure that your lead singer wears one of the blog's t-shirts in your music video. Also, make sure the t-shirt just happens to pay homage to an all-knowing and powerful weather deity. That will help you out.

And while we're giving free advice to ACM students, please quit sending us pictures of Cami Stinson! We get it. You have a hot teacher that sings and plays the fiddle. Now stop flooding our inbox with blurry candid iPhone photos. That's inappropriate.

Anyway, I guess it's pretty cool that some dude in a garage band likes our I STORM Gary England shirts. Now if only some group will put on these awesome rags and perform a cover of the "Don't Lay That Trash on Oklahoma" jingle. When that happens, we can finally shut down the site and get real jobs.

p.s. - Just kidding about the Cami Stinson thing. Continue to send us pictures.

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