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The Cox Center was packed on Saturday for the Rally for Religious Freedom

If you're anything like me, you have to be frightened and concerned by our federal government's crackdown on religious freedoms. It seems like we can't go a day without some government agency trying to break up a church service, infiltrate an underground FCA group or infect with a computer virus.

Fortunately for us, local religious leaders are not going to put up with our government's aggressive crackdown on organized religion. They held a "Rally for Religious Freedom" at the Cox Center on Saturday to bring attention to the issue. Via KFOR:

Rally for Religious Freedom takes over Cox Center

Thousands of Oklahomans packed the Cox Convention Center Saturday afternoon to talk about religious freedoms they believe could be in jeopardy.

Rep. James Lankford said, “We’re having a conversation as a community to say we really are absolutely committed to the fact that this is a nation under God, but also you have the liberty to follow the God of your choosing, but you also have the freedom to not follow God at all. But you have, there has to be hands off from the federal government or the state government.”

That conversation was made up of several denominations that gathered at the Cox Convention Center to discuss concerns they believe they’re facing from the government.

Yes, the Rally for Religious Freedom sure did "take over" the Cox Center. Check out some screen shots of the enthusiastic "packed" crowd:

I'm not good at Craig Humphreys' new math, but I think someone at KFOR may have slightly embellished this story. If those images represent "thousands" of people "packing" the Cox Center, then I'm Joleen Chaney's secret new boyfriend. I've seen larger crowds at a Barons hockey game.

Anyway, such a poor showing for an event like this isn't very surprising. At last check, religious freedoms are still strong and protected in the USA. Kids can still gather at poles, pastors can lead prayers at Thunder games, and rallies for religious freedoms can still take place at city-owned arenas. Unless, of course, you're a Muslim. Then we'll pass laws to limit your religious freedoms.

Seriously, what a joke this thing was. After all the Sharia law B.S., they didn't have one Muslim on the speaking panel. That would be like organizing a Rally for Oklahoma Douche Bags and not inviting John Paul Merritt or Toby Keith as a keynote speaker. It just doesn't make any sense.

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