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Dean “The Stream” Blevins gave Dwyane Wade a necktie (photo)

You don't have to be Einstein to figure out that Dean Blevins took a few too many hits on the football field — and in the sorority house — during his college days. To say the guy is a few bricks short of a full load is a massive understatement. If you need any proof, just watch him try to read a teleprompter, ask questions in a press conference, or tweet from his iPhone. It's cringeworthy.

Or, you could just listen to this clip over and over again. It's a little more fun and will accomplish the same result:

Anyway, Dean Blevins is in Miami this week to cover the NBA Finals for KWTV News 9. When we learned Dean was traveling to South Beach, we entered into a betting pool with several Ogle Moles to see in what way Dean would embarrass the Oklahoma media. The smart money was on Dean asking a stupid question at a press conference or getting caught with a coed on the Venetian Causeway. One person even suggested he may kill a manatee and try to eat it.

Well, it looks like we were all wrong. Dean Blevins did embarrass the Oklahoma sports media, but he did so in a way that hardly anyone could predict. He gave Dwyane Wade a necktie and then tweeted about it. Here's the pic:

Wow, that just reeks of amateurism. Is Dean Blevins a credentialed journalist or a star-struck groupie? I guess you can say he's kind of both, especially when you can assume he's known a star-struck groupie or three or 58.

Seriously, can you imagine any other professional broadcaster, reporter or journalist pulling a stunt like this? Of course, not! Then again, this is Dean Blevins we're talking about. The only times "professional" and "Dean Blevins" are used in the same sentence is when someone's talking about this Realtor from Georgia.

Also, I wonder what Dwayne Wade was thinking during the awkward gift exchange? He went from probably being asked how he's going to handle Sefolosha's pressure defense to being handed a fancy necktie by some goofy screwball broadcaster from Oklahoma. Wade was probably thinking "Isn't this the same guy who tried to sneak into the VIP lounge at the club last night?"

Now that Dwyane Wade and Dean Blevins are officially BFFs, I wonder what questions Dean will ask him in the press conference. I bet it will have something to do with Tiger Woods, Raphael Nadal's biceps or Barry Switzer. Or maybe Dean will invite Wade to play golf at Oak Tree. When it comes to Dean "The Stream" Blevins, nothing surprises me.

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