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Emily Sutton was swept off her feet by Fabio

You may have missed it during the NBA Finals circus, but Fabio stopped by Oklahoma City over the weekend. Items on his agenda while in town included promoting his passions to upper-middle class white people, eating at Flint and stealing our severe weather babes. From a typical Heather Warlick article in the Oklahoman:

An icon of windswept, torrid romance novel covers, bread spread that definitely isn't butter, and cologne that's not just for your dad will be in Oklahoma City soon, sharing his passion for nutrition and love of animals.

Fabio Lanzone, the actor, model and spokesman known simply as Fabio, will make special appearances from 1 to 7 p.m. June 15 at Saks Fifth Avenue, 7650 W Reno, and 1 to 7 p.m. June 16 at Whole Foods, 6001 N Western Ave.

He will be promoting two of his passions: the importance of spaying and neutering pets; and the value of nutrition in disease prevention and healthy lifestyle...

Single ladies: Fabio said his dogs are like his children and he is looking for a potential mother for his kids. He's 52, loves fitness and motorcycles (in 2008 he had 200 bikes) and said he's open to Oklahoma girls.

“You're not going to find a mother in Los Angeles,” he joked. “The women here (in L.A.) are a different breed.”

Wow, I'm kind of surprised that Fabio and I have so much in common. My passions also including helping cute innocent animals (I rescue puppies from animal shelters), eating healthy (I dip my meatlovers pizza in low-fat ranch dressing) and being open to Oklahoma girls (hey, ladies.) I guess the only difference between us is that I prefer Country Crock and have never carried around Emily Sutton in my arms like this:

Hey, Fabio. We know you're a world-famous celebrity pitchman and everything, but you don't come into our town and make a beeline straight towards the prime real estate. That's like showing up at a party and only drinking the good beer. Have some class and go after the slutty girls who hang out at Rok Bar or Dan O'Briens. Leave our severe weather babes alone!

That being said, I guess you can't blame the guy. He was probably flipping through the channels in his hotel room, stumbled across Emily Sutton giving the seven-day forecast, and was instantly hypnotized by her weathery ways. Trust me, she's done that to the best of us. You have to be strong and fight off the urge to drive to KFOR and carry her around the studio. Emily will respect you for it. She may even dream about you, too.

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