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Mailbag: OETA James Harden Vampire Hunter Twittervention

Welcome back to the Friday mailbag!

Before we get to this week's reader emails, I 'd like to welcome Flint as our new mailbag sponsor. Located on the ground floor of the Colcord Hotel downtown, Flint is a new upscale casual restaurant that features contemporary American cuisine. You know, like yummy steaks, seafood and burgers. They have both indoor and sidewalk seating, and are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Because they are nice and kind, Flint will be providing a $25 Gift Certificate to the reader who submits the best email for the next few weeks. Check out the emails and vote for your favorite after the jump:

Burnie writes:

I'm reaching out to you in hopes you can have an Ogle family intervention before this issue becomes a public embarrassment for the family.

I'm not sure your following, but lately your brother Kelly seems to think Oklahoma City is deaf and dumb to watching sports (in particular major league basketball) and feels as a broadcaster of news he must also assume the role of play-by-play info-messiah.

During Thunder game one, Kelly tweeted more than 50 tweets of useless re-crap of plays I just witnessed (example: "Collison playing great again."). This self obsession sickness has been growing and getting worse all season. So my question is: Do you want to handle it quietly as an Ogle family member, public intervention, or should I just un-follow and forget he exsists?

Yeah, I noticed the same thing. It's like Kelly Ogle drank a magic potion and turned into Dan Gordon or something. Thank God he's watching Thunder games and not graphic court cases involving child abuse.

Anyway, there probably needs to be some sort of Twittervention for Kelly Ogle. Maybe Kevin could do it in the form of a Rant on Channel 4. If that didn't work, the Ogle family could plan a surprise intervention with family and friends. They could even have Jenifer Reynolds show up, because you know Kelly Ogle always listens to Jenifer Reynolds. If all that fails, the final course of action would be to have Channel 9 management threaten to bring back Ann Halloran. That would shut him up.


Ryan S. writes:

Sure Westbrook looks like a TMNT and he's moody enough to be Raphael (and he wears red glasses to make it even more perfect), but of all the potential Thunder super heros, can you really top the idea of "James Harden, Vampire Hunter?"

Somebody needs to make this movie happen immediately, or at the very least, create a fake movie trailer for it. And it needs to happen fast, because James Harden's beard is on the verge of massive overexposure. It's quickly turning into the Krispy Kreme of the mid-2000s, only not as sweet and unhealthy.

Think about it. When Krispy Kreme first arrived everyone wanted one. The drive thru lines would go all the way to the street, and when someone brought a dozen glazed to work in the morning they became a hero. But before you knew it, Krispy Kreme donuts were everywhere. You could get them at the drug store, supermarket and convenience store. The donuts were too available, the novelty was lost and Krispy Kreme never recovered.

James Harden's beard is going down that same path. The first couple of beard references where cute and funny, but now it's almost annoying. The first sign of this annoying overexposure was the overrated "Beard Like Harden" music video. Then that guy put a gigantic fake beard on his building. Now they are everywhere. Gary England wears fake bears, old women wear fake beards and Curtis Fitzpatrick received hormone injections just to try to grow a real beard. Make this madness stop, please.


Andy writes:

I wonder if that band that "sings" the intro song to Jim Traber's Afternoon Sports Beat is still together cranking' out hits?   I think I would have really enjoyed them as an opener for KoRn during my nu metal phase in 2001.

I'm not sure. I think they all died when original Samurai Saki House shutdown.


Ryan H. asks:

At what point does the NBA take away the credentials of Dean Blevins.  His so called "questions" are really bothering me and the players and coaches.   You can see it when the players and coaches get a blank look on their face.

Secondly, how in the world did the Bethany Tribune......yes the world famous Bethany Tribune get into the press conferences and get to ask questions?

Maybe the NBA could get Dean's credentials back and give it to the TLO.

The Thunder's playoff run has showcased a lot of great things about our city and has made all the "Maps for Millionaires" people look like spectacular idiots, of the negatives is that it's exposed the general amateurism of our broadcast sports media. In a way, that kind of makes me happy. Dean Blevins is a joke, Bob Barry Jr. is a joke and whoever that dude is at Channel 5 is a joke, too. Seriously, I think they stole most of their "questions" from old episodes of Kids Say the Darndest Things."


Blair writes:

Afternoon Patrick!

My name is Blair Waltman, and I’m a producer at OETA.  We’re planning our live coverage of the June 26th election, and Clark Matthews suggested we have you join us.

So he totally threw you under the bus.

Just kidding.

Anyway, we’d love to have you as one of our panelists for the evening.  We’d need to have you at the OETA studios at 6:30 on the 26th for makeup and dinner, and we’d be live from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.  Your panel would be on the air twice, I believe, for about 8-10 minutes each time. You’d be joined by (tentatively) Brad Copeland, Ron Williams, and Joe Kelly.

Please feel free to call or email at your earliest convenience!


Blair WaltmanNews Producer, OETA

As much as my grandparents would have enjoyed this, I have to decided to decline OETA's offer. I told them that I'd do it for $50, but all they would offer me was a free lifetime subscription to Odyssey.

Actually, I'm joking and would love to be part of an election night panel, but we host Free Team Trivia Night each Tuesday at the Speakeasy (expect during Thunder playoff games). Also I don' think I'm qualified to be on a panel with such esteemed radio personalities as Brad Copeland (from Rick and Brad), Ron Williams (from Jack and Ron), and Joel Kelly (from who the fuck is Joe Kelly). Those guys are legends and have been fake laughing at their own jokes for years. Considering I don't fake laugh at my own jokes, I don't know how I would stack up against them.

p.s. - At least I'd be the good-looking one on the panel. That's always nice.



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