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The Devil has sent Mat Garcia to San Antonio

Last April, the Devil decided to shake up the struggling KOCO morning show by demoting Mat Garcia and Anita Blanton, and then replacing them with the hot Maggie Stokes and nose-picker Wendell Edwards.

This demotion didn't set too well with Mat Garcia. He has officially left KOCO for a news channel in San Antonio:

KENS Television said Monday that the CBS-affiliate station has hired Mat Garcia to join the KENS 5 Eyewitness News This Morning team.

Garcia will replace veteran anchor Fred Lozano, who is retiring after being on the air for more than 30 years in San Antonio.

“We conducted a nationwide search and we are pleased to bring a journalist of Mat’s caliber to join Sarah Forgany, Natalie Tejeda and Paul Mireles,” says Bob McGann, president and general manager of KENS Television.

Uhm, KENS conducted a "nationwide search" and the best person they could come up with is Mat Garcia? That would be like conducting a nationwide search for the best car and choosing a Ford Taurus. Hell, maybe Anita Blanton was right and the Devil really is behind all this.

Seriously, Mat Garcia may have been one of the most boring morning show anchors I've ever seen. He's handsome and dapper and all that good stuff, but he has the energy of a pet rock. I seriously thought he was a cardboard cut out for the first couple of years he worked here. He looks like he should be standing in front of a trade show booth somewhere giving away free pens and koozies.

All that being said, we wish Mat the best of luck in San Antonio. We also wish his new colleagues Sarah Forgany, Natalie Tejeda and Paul Mireles the best of luck in trying to stay awake while working with him. They'll need it.

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