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We have a new Miss Oklahoma. She may or may not be a vampire or alien.

If that headline seems a little mean, well, it's probably because it is. Then again, it's also kind of accurate. We do have a new Miss Oklahoma — her name is Alicia Clifton — and she does kind of look like a vampire or alien.

Well, at least she does when you check out her head shot:

Yikes, if I saw something like that walking through the forest I'd shoot it with an arrow, silver bullet and then send it off to Area 51 for inspection. I can't tell if she's about to suck my blood or audition for Toddlers & Tiaras. Even Meg Alexander thinks she's trying too hard.

That being said, there's no way that Miss Oklahoma can possibly look that weird, right? Oklahoma is the land of Miss Americas. We pump those ladies out faster than natural gas, red dirt and gusty wind combined. Let's check out some other photos of Ms. Clifton that we found on the web to see if everything's ok:

What a relief. It turns out Miss Oklahoma is not a vampire or alien, but just a pretty girl who fell victim to excessive makeup, airbrushing and really really bad photography. And she's not the only one. Check out some other head shots of this year's Miss Oklahoma Pageant contestants that I found at the Miss Oklahoma website. It's like watching a clip of Conan's old "If They Mated" shtick only worse:

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