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Here are some of the Charles Barkley bounty photos

Last week, we offered cash bounties for any photographs of Charles Barkley enjoying his visit to Oklahoma City. We offered $1 for any pic of Barkley having a good time in OKC. We offered some bonus cash if anyone could get a pic of Chuck doing one of the following things (you can read a full breakdown here):

$2: Checking into the Skirvin
$3: Holding some golf ball size hail
$4: Enjoying some ice cream with Gan Matthews
$5: Hanging out with black people
$8: Getting drunk with Barry Switzer
$11: Pretending to help that statue guy push the big ball up the ramp in Bricktown
$14: Giving Scoot Brooks a noogie
$18: Flirting with Jaime Cerreta or Mike Stoops at Groovy’s
$23: Eating a Three Cheese Ziti Marinara Smart Ones in your
$30: Climbing to the top of the Devon Tower with Deeda Payton clasped in his hands
$38: Taking topless photographs of Kate Upton at the Myriad Gardens
$45: Planking on the Milk Bottle building
$50: Driving around the corner to get a blow job
$75: Punching Regular Jim Traber
$100: Hugging Cardboard Jim Traber

If you can believe it, one of our requests actually came through. Check out this photograph that an Ogle Boba Fett sent to us on Twitter:

Yep, that's a picture of Charles Barkley hanging out with a black person. Before you call us tacky racists or anything, remember that Chuck once said:

"Oklahoma is nothing but vast wasteland. No place for black people. The Oklahoma Sooners and the Hornets are the only brothers in town.”

So there you have it. Charles Barkley met a black person who doesn't play for OU or the Hornets. Mission accomplished. If only someone could have snagged a pic of him taking topless photographs of Kate Upton or climbing the Devon Tower.

Anyway, outside of that photograph, we didn't get too many pictures. Most of the ones that we received were of Chuck going on a jog through downtown. Here are a few of them:

We were also sent this one of Chuck hanging out at the Skrivin:

I'm not good at Craig Humphreys' new math, but we published five $1 photos and one $5 photo. I think that comes up to $8. If you want to claim your cash prize, send us an email so we can PayPal you the money.

Anyway, thanks again to everyone who sent us pictures. Barkley was very much "out there" during his visit and took part in a bunch of staged, promotional types of events, so the end result of this wasn't as cool as we thought it would be. But hey, at least we got that photo of him with the black person. And the Thunder are playing in the NBA finals! That's fucking unbelievable.

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