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Maggie Stokes is looking pretty good

The other day an Ogle Mole sent me the following picture from a Peggy Gandy column in The Oklahoman's society page. It's of three blonde news anchors and two openly gay news reporters:

Wait, wrong image. I have no clue what's going on there. I think that photo was taken on the set of a bad Tim Burton film or backstage at a Good Charlotte concert.

Here's the photo I meant to post:

Yeah, that's a lot better.

Anyway, I want to go ahead and apologize to Maggie Stokes for ranking her as the 13th hottest woman in the Oklahoma City media. Obviously the Devil knew what he was doing when he moved her to the KOCO morning show. I also want to apologize to her for whatever that thing is that Rusty Surrette is wearing. I think he found that in a donation grab bag from when he worked at the Red Cross.

P.s. - Where was J'Ordy?

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