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Some kid called his teacher a bitch

Let's just go ahead and admit it. We've all had that teacher who could be a bitch from time to time. You know, the one who would make you pay attention in class, turn in your homework on time and write you a pink slip if you put paste in Misty Wilson's hair.

Well, the 8-year-old kid pictured above is no exception. The only difference is that he actually called his teacher a bitch. And then he got in trouble for it. From KFOR:

A third grade boy has been suspended from school after calling two teachers a bad word that starts with the letter “B.”

When the single father picked up the boy from school, he had to go back to work, with no babysitter so the boy came along.

But Kevin Conley took creative disciplinary actions; he made his son stand outside with a sign reading, “I called my teacher a B****. Honk 4 bad.”

“I want him to realize every time someone honks, how bad what he did was. I want my boys to be upstanding and know not to call women that name ever,” Conley said.

People who agreed with the non-traditional discipline honked, others raised an eyebrow.

Passerby James Holmes said, “I think it’s a good idea. You can’t go around calling your teachers bad names.”

The 8 year old stood outside for hours but he got water breaks every thirty minutes, bathroom breaks and even lunch, minus the dessert.

“He didn’t get his pudding and he didn’t get his swiss cake but he got his sandwich and chips and cheese,” Conley said.

I don't really have a problem with this. Not only does it teach the kid a lesson, but it will also help prepare him for his future career as a "Hot N' Ready" sign holder at Little Caesar's Pizza.

I'm just kidding. This idea is stupid. How does it teach the kid a lesson? If anything, it accomplished his goal because now more people know that his teacher is a bitch. Plus, if I drove by and saw him holding that sign I would honk, wave and give him a big thumbs up. I'd also go to the store and get him some pudding. Then again, I'm an immature asshole, so what do I know.

Also, if you're going to humiliate your 8-year-old son like this, can't you at least make a better sign? Did he really write "Honk 4 Bad?" And when did Bitch become a four letter word? It looks like the Geico caveman wrote that thing.

(Editor's Note: I need to learn how to count...and lay off the day drinking)

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