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Here’s the newest web video by the Oklahoma GOP…

The state GOP has uploaded a new video web advertisement to YouTube.

The video doesn't show any minorities, but it does feature Sally Kern and a bunch of other white folks with bad haircuts speaking over a banjo and telling us why they are "bona fide" Republicans. They even have a hipster Republican with a silly hat and thick rimmed glasses. I think he works in the frame department at Hobby Lobby.

Check it out:

Our state's Republican leaders are good at a lot of things — like hypocrisy, fear mongering and sex in the missionary position— but let's be honest, they don't make the best videos. Even my Grandpa thought that was boring.

That being said, they do make pretty damn accurate videos. They hit all the right-wing talking points pretty well, and if you were to open up "The Big Book of Stereotypical Republican Faces," I'm sure you'd find photographs of all the people in that video. You'd probably even find the hipster Republican in the silly hat, only he'd be wearing a Jars of Clay t-shirt or something.

Also, doesn't this reek of poor sportsmanship? We get it. The Democrats in this state suck and you guys get to do pretty much whatever you all want. But do you really have to brag about it so much? This would be like Bob Stoops trying to score 100 on Texas A&M or your friend grabbing the last piece of pizza and telling everyone how tasty it is. Have some class!

H/T McCarville Report

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