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10 Oklahoma Headlines from the Future!!! (2)

10:15 AM EDT on May 17, 2012

Every couple of weeks we come up with 10 possible headlines you may see in the Oklahoman or on some local news website in future. There's a strong possibility that three or four of them may come true.

Here are this week's 10 Oklahoma headlines from the future:

10. March 14, 2015: Matt Pinto diagnosed with acute schizophrenia


9. December 6th, 2016: Instead of remodeling, City Bites announces it's just going to wait for its interior decorating to become cool again


8. August 18, 2023: Galen Culver determines Oklahoma is not a great state or what


7. August 18, 2013: The Journal Record reports they are out of CEO's to admire


6. March 2, 2017: Mark Rodgers finally wins a race


5. December 31, 2012: Hot tub at Governor's Mansion sets record temperature of 122-degrees.


4. May 18, 2012: Illegal sex act interrupted by crazed, camera-wielding man in South Oklahoma City


3. May 20, 2020: Sally Kern assaults terrorist sleeper cell near 39th and Penn


2. June 11, 2019: Drugged Dean Blevins heard masturbating during Total Dominance Hour


1. October 3, 2021: Steve Lackmeyer weds historic Automobile Alley

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