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Chris Harrison is about to become a bachelor

Here's some good news for all you ladies with low self-esteem and unrealistic expectations on love and happiness. Ogle Madness V 13-seed (and The Bachelor & The Bachelorette host) Chris Harrison is separating from his wife of 18-years to presumably start nailing a bunch of better-looking desperate 20-somethings with a clear conscious.

From Radar Online:

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison is himself a bachelor again.

Harrison, 40, and his wife Gwen announced Thursday they are separating after 18-years of marriage.

The couple released a joint statement saying that they have decided to divorce “after much heartfelt consideration, adding, "Though we have made this incredibly difficult decision to separate, our love and mutual respect remain, and we look forward to sharing in the lives of our wonderful children.”

Harrison and Gwen (Jones) met in college at Oklahoma City University, where he attended on a soccer scholarship. They married in the mid-90s and have two children: Joshua, 9, and Taylor, 7.

I'll admit it. I can't believe I'm writing about this either. I feel like I should open up that picture in Microsoft Paint and write something on it like "No Rose for You!" and then out some gay dude in the local media or something. But I'm not going to do that because we have standards here at The Lost Ogle.

Anyway, the reason I am writing about this is because Chris Harrison is an OCU graduate and was the back-up sports anchor at News 9 during the mid-1990s. When we broke the news last summer that Gan Matthews was "resigning," he actually went on Twitter and defended his co-worker from the Shire. Plus he worked for Bill Teegins (sad video alert), who was the best sportscaster to ever work in the Oklahoma City market. If you worked with or knew Bill Teegins, that makes you about 20-times cooler in my book. Unless you're Al Eschbach, Dean Blevins or Jim Traber. They still sucks balls.

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