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20 Hottest Women in the Oklahoma City News Media (10 – 6)

Welcome back to our countdown of the 20 Hottest Women in the Oklahoma City media. Before we get to the Top 10, lets recap 20 - 11:

20 - 16:

20. Lacey Swope, Weather Producer – KWTV News 9
19. Havonnah Johnson, Reporter – KWTV News 9
18. Patty Shaw, Reporter (?) – KTUZ 30
17. Amanda Taylor, Evening Anchor – KWTV News 9
16. Kelly Crull, Thunder Sideline Reporter – Fox Sports Oklahoma

15 -11:

15. Whitney Finely, Managing Editor, So6ix
14. Lisa Monahan, Reporter, KWTV News 9
13. Maggie Stokes, Morning Anchor,  KOCO Channel 5
12. Lauren Craun, Morning Show Sidekick, 100.5 The Katt
11. Bobbie Miller, Anchor and Reporter, KWTV News 9

Now here's something I hope you really like:

10. Shelby Hayes
Weather Intern, KWTV News 9

Yeah, we gave the 10th spot to a weather intern, but at least she's an extremely cute weather intern. Plus, she knows a lot about the weather. Outside of sports and beer — and/or being bisexual — knowledge about the weather is one of the best qualities you can find in a woman.


9. Clancey Cleveland
Sports Director, Moore Monthly

Clancey should probably be ranked higher, but she works for Moore Monthly. That has to be the most depressing media outlet in the Oklahoma City Metro. Can you imagine how dreadful it must be to write about Moore? The only thing worse would be reading about Moore on a monthly basis.

Anyway, Clancey also works for the Thunder or something, but I don't know what she does there other than flirt with Serge Ibaka and distract Royce Young and Boomer Tramel. I can't wait until she gets hired by a major outlet so we can rank her higher.


8. Jessica Schambach
10pm Anchor, KOCO Channel 5

I did some research and this is where Schambach has placed each time we've ranked the 20 Hottest Women in the OKC media:

2007: 4
2009: 2
2010: 5
2011: 5

So basically Schambach is like the Virginia Tech of the local media. She's good enough to make the Top 10, perhaps even the top 5, but just can't make it to the top spot. Maybe if we had some bikini pics of Jess that would change.


7. Jaime Cerreta
9pm Anchor, Fox 25

Jaime Cerreta is hot, but what makes her hotter is that we've heard she can be pretty wild and crazy. If you need proof, just talk to a bartender from Edna's!

The problem with Jaime, though, is that she likes to hang out with gay fashion designers. I don't have a problem with gay men — Hell, I bought a Frosty for one the other day (true story) — but having to hang out with them all the time would get old. I like sports, beer and boobs. Gay men like Real Housewives, wine and cocks. According to those stereotypes, we literally have nothing in common

p.s. - I know that "I Heart Lunges" pic is about 10 years old, but who cares, we all heart lunges...and large breasts.


6. Lauren Nelson
4pm Anchor, KWTV News 9

If you asked your wife or girlfriend or mom who the hottest woman in the OKC media is, they'd probably say Lauren Nelson. That's because she's the type of girl that all other girls think is really pretty.

The problem, though, is that there's a big difference between hot and pretty. Just look at the two pictures above. In the first one, Lauren Nelson is trying to be pretty and looks really pretty, but in the yellow bikini pic from the Miss America Pageant, she looks kind of awkward and uncomfortable...although still hot.


The top five will be posted later this afternoon are here.

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