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This homeless cross-dresser from Tulsa robbed someone

There's a lot going on in Oklahoma right now. The Thunder escaped with two hard-earned victories against the Mavs, the Supreme Court ruled the Personhood ballot initiative was unconstitutional and Chesapeake announced it will remove Aubrey McClendon as Chairman of the Board.

But who care's about that when you have homeless cross-dressers robbing people in Tulsa.

From News 9:

A Tulsa man dressed as a woman was arrested for armed robbery early Monday. Gary Allen Guy, 39, was booked into the Tulsa County Jail after a victim positively identified him as the robber.

Police were called to the 7400 block of East Admiral just after midnight Monday. The robbery victim told police that a man dressed as a woman implied he had a gun and told the victim not to look at him. The suspect took the victim's wallet and ran away towards a nearby motel, The Rest Inn and Suites.

Police looked around the motel and saw a man wearing a dress walk around the corner. Officers questioned the crossdressing male, who told officers he was "getting a ride."

Police say the victim positively identified Gary Allen Guy as the robber. When Guy took police to his hotel room, they found the victim's wallet inside Guy's purse.

Guy was booked into the Tulsa County Jail under a felony count of armed robbery after former conviction of a felony. He is listed as a transient.

Guy has a criminal history that includes prison sentences for grand larceny, sexual battery, failure to register as a sex offender and carrying drugs where prisoners are kept.

He has gone by several aliases including Chris Agee, Ray Ferguson Jr. Alicia Guy, Candy Guy, Antonio Simmons and Stacy Williams.

Geeze, that's creepy. The robbery victim was lucky he wasn't injured or killed or forced to live inside a locked chest hidden in the basement of an old pawn shop. I guess this just proves that you should always be cautious when approached by a person who looks like one of Al Eschbach's ex-girlfriends or an extra from Oz.

Anyway, it's not a big surprise that this event took place in Tulsa. Our neighbors to the northeast may lag behind Oklahoma City in key areas like quality of life and navigable roads, but they sure seem to have the market cornered on bizarre, creepy and borderline unbelievable news stories. I guess that should be expected when you're the meth capital of the United States.

Maybe Tulsa should try to capitalize on this phenomenon and host the first ever World Meth Games. That would be pretty fun. They could have meth cooking contests, competitions to see who has the largest scabs, and maybe even set-up a complex obstacle course that recreates what it's like to be chased by the police or a guy with horns in a mini-van. I would watch that.

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