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This report about a couple of down-and-out dogs is incredible (video)

Here at The Lost Ogle, we usually don't spend a lot of time on heart-warming news stories. This is because they are generally trite, sappy and focus on a bunch of people you'll never meet and really don't care about.

Well, this story is a little bit different. Yes, it's trite and sappy, but it's about dogs. Dogs are awesome. They'll never cut you off in traffic, never ask you to stay late for work and never tag a shitty photo of you on Facebook. Dogs are basically perfect, except for when they go potty inside or chew up your shoe. And even then you don't really care, because once again, it's a dog.

Anyway, this story about a couple of dogs from Tulsa is pretty awesome:

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I'll admit it. I'm a big softy when it comes to dogs. I can go to a thousand weddings or watch a documentary about genocide and not even blink an eye, yet I'll occasionally find myself shedding a tear whenever the Dog Whisper cures some dog that barks too much. I really am that pathetic.

Anyway, thanks to that video I'm about to go spend 20 damn minutes on in search of another dog to adopt. I already have Rowdy (a.k.a. The Cavanaugh Slayer), but he could use a companion, just as long as the companion isn't blind and have random bladder-releasing seizures. I like dogs and everything, but not that much.

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