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Here’s video of Mike Reynolds screaming and yelling on the House floor

As Scott mentioned earlier today, the controversial and bizarre Personhood Act was essentially shelved yesterday by the Republican leadership in the Oklahoma House of Representatives. Considering that our state Republican's do just about anything possible to limit the rights and freedoms of women in Oklahoma, this turn of events was pretty damn shocking.

The group that was perhaps the most shocked and surprised by the news was the social wacko wing of the state GOP. Special interests groups hastily descended on the capitol and tried to change minds. One group even sent a threatening letter.

But the highlight of everything was an epic (and pathetic) temper tantrum thrown by State Rep Mike Reynolds on the House floor yesterday afternoon. He asked to suspend House rules in order to force a vote on the Personhood. When his motion was denied, he whined, screamed and complained until his was escorted off the floor.

Here's a video of the tirade that we found on Facebook:

I've watched this video about 20 times, and each time I smile and feel all warm and fuzzy. It's fun to watch an asshole whine and complain and not got his way. It's even more fun when it's an asshole like Mike Reynolds.

Anyway, I'd like to take this moment to briefly thank the Chamber of Commerce Republicans in the House GOP for finally standing up to the lunatic wing of their party. It's refreshing to see nuts like Mike Reynolds and Sally Kern put in their place, and their own party infuriating them like they've infuriated us over the past five years.

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